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Friday, December 1, 2017

ChroniXX- the Real Deal- The Man and the Music

Whats up my Music peeps. Well today in Kingston Jamaica  the heavyweight  buzz is around the  long awaited concert on Chronixx, part of his worldwide tour which has already had stops in USA, Japan and Europe. Its quite a show and promises to be a mad musical experience. No Major Lazer concert this year so uptown appetite is yearning for a musical  high.

If there is any artist that embodies the next generation of "Bob Marley" then Chronixx is the man. An artist gifted with a harmonious voice, insightful commentary, colourful beats and an enigmatic personality.

I found this particular interview with HOT 97 Ebro a good showcase to the man behind the music. A bit on the long side, he discusses his journey, what he listens to, frequency in music, his love of Ethiopia  Well worth a watch.

If you are an new fan this is part of his story, true and real.

We have to blow our own trumpet we spotted Chronixx from November 2012
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We see stars long before they become constellations.

My favourite song is "Legend" Chunee....maaaad

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