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Big Up for the Week
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Pine, Ginger, Dolphins and Steel Pans....All Mixed Up

We continue our mad search for music truly off the beaten track. This song has been out for a minute but only recently got a video treatment. Already creating a buzz in the underground both here in Jamaica and Europe is "Pine & Ginger". An artistic and very colourful video shot in Portland shows a real tropical house vibe by Jamaicans and that Jamaicans are capable of different genres of music.

Lets meet this  crazy duo, "Tessellated" is a 19 year old Jamaican music producer and songwriter Joshua Meeks who has been gaining popularity online. He is in his second year at university studying music. He previously attended Campion College

At 18-years-old, Amindi Kiara Frost – who performs under a stylised moniker of her own name, "Amindi K. Fro$t" (the $ is solely for the culture) – is a talented artist of Jamaican heritage from LA.

Together this young duo have found a chemistry that is unique and a mad moment in music.

Then we found this baad instrumental  tune, "Yuh Live Nice". Where else can you get dancehall, steel pans and trippy dolphins in one song with a  hot beat and a cool name that is  "Ghetto Vanessa". Call this music "Reggae Hop"

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