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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Dancehall Riddims Ever (VIBES edition)

Today we have the 5 baddest Dancehall riddims ever, the Vibes edition, yes there are hundreds of riddims throughout the years, probably at least 10 new rididms released each week in Jamaica alone. Some become hits and some get forgotten on the wayside simply diluted by the shear volume of music being released in Jamaica. So we sat down and tried to pick out the standouts from over the years. We will have future lists but this list represents the riddims which have the most VIBES and maaaad energy.
When these riddims come on at any dance, sound system, club or anywhere in the world the response is always excitement and energy and invariably any DJ worth his salt can ride it. 
We found that all these riddims have some universal features:
1. Bennie or Bounty have to be on it
2.The riddim name has to be aggressive and
3. No less than 10 artists have recorded on it
4. The riddim causes uncontrollable head bobbing
So the baddest Dancehall Riddims of all times are:

1. Anger Management Riddim

The break out riddim of production gurus DASECA comprising Serani, David and Craig Harrisingh, a truly aggressive and energetic riddim, which among other things brought to the attention of the reggae world a then young rising star named Mavado.

2 . Showtime Riddim
The classic Dave Kelly produced  riddim is a staple of any DJ's catalogue with a simple crowd chant loop that became synonymous with the riddim that seemed to capture the feel and essence of dancehall. 

3. Dem Timed Deh Riddim,

This strong riddim produced by Leftside and Essco (when they were a production and performing duo) infused a new vibe into dancehall not seen before and inspiring the dance of that time "Tek Wey Yourself".

4. Benz and Bimmer Riddim,

Created by the infamous Sly and Robbie for East coast records producer Aiden Jones in 1996, it  features one of the roughest tunes the 5 Star General ever made also and Bennie Man in true gallis mode,"Gal dem way" The riddim is characterized by an orchestral introduction that leads into a booming bass and drum line....maaaad

5 Martial Arts riddim

Produced by Cordell "Skatta" Burell this riddim features a unique sample of clashing of samurai swords and a bass line that gives a feel of both lyrical and physical warfare akin to your favourite "kickas" film, The song best captures the frenzied energy is Sizzla Kolonji's " Fire bun de whole of Dem"

Honourable mention must go to the Mission Impossible riddim the timeless interpretation from Sly and Robbie has the distinction of officially having only having one recorded artist on it, Innocent Kru, who did it justice but every major artist wanting to voice on the riddim.

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  1. Stephen,I think you left off some better riddims tho which had more lasting effects on dancehall in terms of hits and careers they spawned etc such as Sleng Teng,Pepperseed Riddim,Playground Riddim, Diwali Riddim, Coolie Dance, Bookshelf, Backyard etc