Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Baddest Hip Hop Dancehall Re-Mixes (Old School Version)

Dancehall and Hip Hop share the same musical heritage and over the years artist continue to do a fusion through re-mixes. We identified the hottest baddest Remixes, old school style,found mostly from the early days. No long talking just enjoy and tell us what other songs should have been on the list

Lets start it off with STR8 Fire from Junior Reid

Then digging back into the crates to 1995 Def JAM Big Chuneee over the classic Dougie Fresh beat and Marley Marl instrumentals.

Then dutty yeah Sean Paul and Busta Rhymes

Who can forgot this classic ..........Maaaad

Thursday, March 7, 2019

ALL NIGHT LONG 35 Years Strong and the Jamaican Connection

Whaddup Whaddup Mad Peeps, its TGIF Time to Get Fresh Friday

I found this interesting mix of old and new. You all know Lionel Ritchie, lead singer of the Commodores (old school) and for the Millenial generation more popularly know as Nicole Ritchie's dad or that judge from American Idol (new school).

Well can you imagine his perennial hit song All Night Long is now 35 years old . Lets revist this claissic for a quick minute. Featuring a young Boogaloo Shrimp from Breakin.

Bet you did know that the title was inspired by a Jamaican, yes indeed my Uncle Dr Loyd Greig who is good friends with Lionel Ritchie.

 Taken  from New York Post Five Surprising Facts about Richie's classic ‘All Night Long’

1. The title was inadvertently inspired by a Jamaican gynecologist.
“It was the first time I’ve ever written a song where I didn’t have a hook. It took me months to find one,” says Richie. “If the song is called ‘Easy,’ you write ‘easy’ first. Then you work from there. I wrote everything — ‘Well my friend, the time has come,’ ‘Fiesta, forever’ — and I still didn’t have a hook.”
After nearly three months of struggle, the singer had a eureka moment when dining with his friend Lloyd Greig, a Jamaican born physician. “I was leaving his house, and I said [in a Jamaican accent], ‘I’m going back to work all night long.’ Then I said, ‘Wait a minute. “All Night Long.” ’ He looked at me like I was nuts. Sometimes, by not thinking, you find exactly what you want.”

There you go Greigs are muses for musical greatness ;-)

But even more maaad cool is that British Producers, DVRX have sampled the chorus (time 2:00 in the orginal video ) and made it into a 2019 Dance Classic" Jambo Jumbo"

Enjoy this Jammin to the Wknd....MAAAAD

Thursday, February 28, 2019

GAZA next Dancehall KING

Whazzup Mad long talking this week. Just an inspiring video. The visuals and creativity in this video are engaging, colourful, next level and flow is melodic bad, in other words it SHOT.
Meet Sikka Rymes the next big DJ out of the Gaza camp.

UP up UP, Maaaad Dancehall

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ooooooh Noooo its the RAT!!!

How long has it been since you heard the saying Ooooooh no its the rat but here we are in 2019 saying Ooooooh Yes to Red Rat. Yes the 1990 superstar Wallace Wilson aka Red Rat like many other dancehall artists now calls Florida his home. Out of sight in Jamaica but very much in touch with Dancehall. Here we find him anchoring a wicked remix by British Grime Rapper Chipmunk aka Chip together with Steflon Don and Alkaline.The beat is as bouncy as the girls in the video.

A bit raunchy but in terms of flow and vibes its Up Up Up.

Check it out

Oh BTW Chipmunk aka Jahmaal Fyffe was born in Tottenham, England and is of Jamaican descent. He always goes back to his roots here is another hit shot in Jamaica with Mavado from 2011...Maaaaad 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hot Kup of Koffee

Manners and Respect to one and all, its Time for Get Fresh Friday (TGIF)

Some of you have already tuned into this bubbling star on what people call the New Reggae Roots Sound. Welcome Mikayla “Koffee” Simpson  a proud graduate of Ardene High School, which continues to bless us with a rich array of cultural and academic ambassadors (like Di Genius, Rvssian, and Alkaline to name a few)

Koffee, I cant believe how she captured this cool (I mean Hot Name) before anyone else.This rising superstar Koffee based on buzz of "Burning" and being nutured under the wings of other ragga soul stars Chronnixx and Protoje has recently signed to Columbia UK. At the tender age of 18 she has the whole Music world at her feet (about the same age Rhianna was signed with her debut single Pon Di Replay). We have HIGH hopes for Koffee, her insightful lyrics, down to earth styling and rapid fire delivery is reminiscent of the early 90s stars Papa San and Stitchie. Particulalry because of her UK label I expect her very shortly to be doing some BIG House and EDM mixes.

But for now she is keeping close to her roots, she bad we nah tell no lie she baaad or as we like to say she maaaad.

She just released this week her latest visuals for"Throne" which is a testament to her style .

Pree this:

This is her in the Studio for the 1st time just 2 years ago, times flies fast when hit u a hit.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gospel and House a Truly Inspirational Song

Wahddup Mad peeps back in the place with music for your face.

Today lets go for some divine inspiration. Found this Mad Gem of Music which seamlessly blends a gospel chorus, giving praise and wortship with downright funky house music. The song is by Adelphi Music Factory called Javelin ( Calling Out Your Name). A new classic on the dance floor but still able to drive a glorifying tribute to the Saviour.

Adelphi Music Factory is a music collective out of the UK whose philosophy is The power of love will overcome the love of power.

The title of the song is based on the concept that the Factory, forges a ‘Javelin’; a gospel piano weapon filled with love. The sample is from the gospel classic It's Me Oh Lord by LaShun Pace.

We dare you to listen to this maaaad tune and not nod your head and tap your feet... go ahead turn it up and get down this a Massive Maaad Moment in Music memba we tell unhuu.

Look for the video coming soon


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dancehall in Japan Nuh Normal!!!

Wha a Gwann Mad Music Peeps 

Today we dive into the archive to give you a classic Mad Moment in Music. Recorded almost 9 years ago when Gully Creeper and Ova Di Wall were the hot dances looong before people were flairing. Elephant Man was di man with the dances like how Ding Dong control the dancing scene now

Welcome to the love affair Japan has with Dancehall Culture. Straight out of streets of Kingston to the clubs of Tokyo welcome to "Tokyo Reggae Girls", yes the reggae dancehall culture finds itself sometimes to the unlikeliest places but imitation is the highest form of flattery and nowhere is this truer than in Japan where either watching countless dancehall videos or even better  having visited Jamaica  for a few weeks to soak in the latest dances our disciples return to Japan to show off their talents.

Check out this feature on how popular reggae music has become in Tokyo. This is really maaaad as I would love to understand why of all the countries in the world that Japan has adopted Jamaican music and culture, I mean why not Poland or Australia.

Anyone know the history of reggae in Japan that could explain this?

Anyway you pree it, it must be the Maaaahhd power of the music. I like how the dance a shot at 3:00am like in Jamaica.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Crazy Hip Hop Track turns into a Crazy Horror Soundtrack

Whaddup Mad Peeeps we have a classic mix of old and new school music.

Let's jump back in the time machine all the way to May 1995 when the rap duo Luniz  released the classic weed song " I got Five on It".  The song reached number 2 in Germany, number 3 in the United Kingdom and number 8 in the United States. The single was certified Platinum with sales of over 1,000,000 copies in the US alone. But charts aside the song is known for its funky groove  and cool tempo.  Definitely because of the sample which drives the song "Why you treat me So Bad"by Club Noveau

First the sample,  starts a the 0.34 mark

The song that was elevated with a dope drum beat, west coast rap flow to create this classic, head noding jam which we now and love as " I GOT 5  ON IT"

But then here is the magic on Christmas day Jordan Peele the Director and writer of "Get Out" released a trailer for his new horrror movie "Us" which features the said banging track and if you listen carfully the later part of the trailer has a cool remixed version of the song with an more uptempo version that compliments the scares. 

Whether the song will play any role in the movie is to be seen.What we cant deny is the inescapble beat ...Maaaad

The movie looks scary mad interesting too!!