Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fresh New Music, R U Ready for a Sonic Sample

Whaddup Mad Peeps, its TGIF, Thank Goodness it's Fresh Fridays, we got some new muisc that we think is worth a listen and even better watch out for these artists for some really soulfully and totally fresh music.

We see stars long before they become constellations ;-). We told you about Chronixx from 2012 check our blog from them.

Anyways this week we have two stars bubbling under the sonic radar but poised to buss into mainstream recognition real soon. Their sound I like to call neo soul reggae, a mellow, insightful and totally organic and fresh.

First check out Royal Blu

A very talented artist out of Spanish Town doing very well in Europe but still not yet picked up in his homelenad. Royal Blu given name Sean-Michael Francis has very potent lyrics with  a conscious and rootsy feel to his music. His music is a fusion of different musical influences and sounds, dancehall , dub, hip hop soul . He is Maaaaaaaad creative  pree him and his influence on this very well produced animated fused video for the song "Style and Pattern".

Then check out Daniel Casear a Canadian singer songwriter of Barbadian and Jamaican heritage.In fact hisfather Norwill Simmons was a gospel singer who release his gospel album while a teenager in Jamaica.No surprise his music features that reggae and caribbean vibe. Check him out on“Cyanide”,  a funky love song with literally a sweet melody and heavenly harmonies,  that make this a short, sweet and maaaaaadly hyptnotic tune

Big Up Javin from Herboo, a fan and friend of the blog for this suggestion. this  is what we call Maaad Melodic Music.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dancehall Pop Clash, Who is taking notes from Who

Dancehall and what I like to call Dancehall Pop or cross over is mad competitive.especially in the female category.  I  recently made an observation with the new generation of superstars Nicki Minaj and Shensea and their latest releases, stricking similarities.

First Lets look at Niki Minaj's "Megatron",  a bouncy track infused with Danny Browne's produced "Filthy" riddim made famous by Mr. Vegas and his Heads High track.
Megaton is the first single for her soon to be released album, by her deifinition Megatron means "the baddest"and she  takes the opportunity especially in the last verse to tell you why sexually she has going on (maybe TMI) . Oh and by the way it features no surprise her fiance Kenneth Petty.  We like the crossover poential and the homage to old school dancehall but not so sure this one is a hit

Then lets look at Niki's whip and Shensea's whip jus for reference   

Shensea just got signed to Interscope and the first single with her new label is "Blessed" with fellow label mate and hip hop superstar Tyga. Producced by Rvssian Jamaica wonder producer, lets jump in to her single and watch Blessed

Ok lets break it down, Niki's Chours Bratta brrrat,  Shensea Chorus  Raaata Rattata.  Both sporting high end sports cars. Both in tropical exotic locations Shnesea in Mobay, Niki in the studio but the sets are both tropical , choregography both Dancehall at its best, old school  school stylee

Niki famous in the early part of her career for teasing her bisexuality. Shensea obviously being provacative by having a controversial opening scene with a scantily clad womna lying in her bed.....hmmmm. My how the music has come along way a leading dancehall artist suggesting switching it up and still respected in the dancehall, let a male DJ try not going to go the same way. Even more interesting with Rastarfari intro and outro of the video no one thought rasta support dem tings. Both videos have red neon lights sets and the lists goes on and on. So who is coping who and who wins this round......Mmaaaad.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Magic of a Single Shot

Switching it up this week and exploring another mad creative artistic expression. I want to share a film style which I have a growing appreciation for, that is videos done in a single take or as it is known in the film industry a continuous tracking shot.

The filming technique has been captured in quite a few videos over the years most notably Happy Pharell Williams, Lil Wayne A Milli, Sia Chandelier and Whiz Khalifa We dem Boyz

Dont have a reggae or dancehall artist venturing this route just yet but that would be mad cool. I found this reggaeton pop single which captures the concept. Its "I cant Get Enough" featuring  Benny Blanco Tainy Selena Gomez & J Balvin a fun and bouncy video if there ever was one (pun intended) :-)

If you want to see 2 great examples from film that are done in a single continuous shot, check out these two, the first is an action scene from the movie "Children of Men" which starred Clive Owens.


There is not one edit in this 6 minute segment. Hence when the squib (artificial blood used for special effects) exploded on the camera at the 3:01 section it is still on the camera until the end of the scene. They just cant stop to clean off the lens because the whole sequence including pyrotechnics, stunt men etc is rehearsed to continue seamlessly no cuts and retakes. That  takes  Maaad Creative planning.

Plus a vintage  video

This is considered one of the most strikingly beautiful films ever made. Don't mind it was considered a propaganda film about the virtues of Communism in Cuba, it’s the film making that matters. The intricacy of this shot is just breathtaking.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Its a Happy Day in My Polos and My Damn Clarks - Hottest Dancehall Artists to Watch

Wha gwaaan Mad People

We still digging in di crates, searching the dancehall and combing di internet for the hottest artist a road who have the mad talent to Buss Big.

So today we share with you some of my favourites that you should also keep an eye and ear out for. Firstly "Hot Frass" aka Romaine Lindsay originally from St. Thomas (home of stars like  Popcaan and Morgan's Heritage). Frass is now based in the district of Hampton Court and building a musical energy Hot Frass hot right now .

He is riding high with the street classic Polo which features deejay Takeova. Strangely enough initially the song sounded like one person a deejay but it looks like Hot Frass and Takeova have the same tone and delivery on this one.

The man a big up Polo I hope Ralph Lauren cut the man a big cheque  for the free promo

Anyways Hot Frass now based with Claims records (the label that help buss Gully Bop)  has  the melody and style for future tings watch out for him

(Video is raw dancehall so u know how it goes)

Then another artist who I think has the right approach, still somewhat underground but finding main stream buzz with the worthy song "Its a Holiday" meet Halonai, a producer, mixer and a true talent in every sense of the word. He taught himself to play the piano and is equipped with all the skills to be a future force...maaaad 

I like the delivery and bounce of this one, lyrics, riddim everything is wicked on di sone maaaaad

First check out this video clip in ths studio.......vibes tun up

Then here is the official video but to me something got lost in the mix, the tune bad no lie but something about the song in the first clip real and humbler more than the 2nd clip Check it out

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Sean Paul Bilingual, Bet you didn't know!!

Whaddup Mad people

Its Funky Friday and back into the dancehall wi seh.

Sean Paul Jamaica's biggest dancehall artist expands his repertoire musically and linguistically. Sean spitting lyrics in Spanish, impressive. Not a song found on Jamaican airwaves but creating literally a fire overseas is "Contra La Pared" or en ingles"Against the Wall" an easy tempo mix of Reggaeton and Dancehall the influence of jamaican cuture is easy to see in the dancing and wah a gwan  (check out at the 2:00mn time  mark).  A first I have seen Sean Paul  bringing dancehall in a Spanish gwann mi General ....muy bueno or as we sey around here maaaad sumptin!

Shot on location in Utah's Lake Powell, nope not anywhere in South America, featuring dune buggies, dance crew and strangely enough cool winter gear although in the middle of the desert Lake Powell does get cold in the night.

Featuring J Balvin the Colombian Superstar who enjoyed massive global success in 2017 with "Mi Gente" they may have another hit on their hands already at 102 Million views and counting this chune a gwann good.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Can you take a Serious Message from Lil Dicky

Wha Gwann Mad People, its Feel Good Friday Again. We  mix it this week with a hip hop tune. Many of you may not know Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky because (Well You Know).

Aka David Burd he is a fairly well known underground rapper and comedian. He got his first big break with the release of the music video for "Ex-Boyfriend", which went viral with more than one million views on YouTube in 24 hours. He actually is a good rapper not a gimmcky clown but his deal is to play it off.

In more recent times he has become more main stream with the funny yet damn catchy single with Chris Brown "Freaky Friday"

But hold on he has carried his skills to another level. He last week released his latest project. We love the "Earth". A cutesy but definitely not folksy video (more closer to R than Lion King PG)  showcasing his rapping style, comedy pacing and of course a good message about climate change and global warming. Kinda long but it plays out more like a short movie and is very entertaining.  Maaaad..... we nahh lie this video shaaat


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Every Man's Fantasy Vacation

Its Friday so that means time to Free up the FUN and do we have a video for you. Some videos  need a preamble but not today this videos speaks for volumes for itself......we maaad love it, great visuals for a great song..... (make sure you select full screen viewing)


Thailand looks amazing and the whole video appears to be shot with a Go-Pro, ladies hope you are taking notes (but men are so simple you probably figured this out already) this is what we call a VACAY....niiice

The song is called "I Got U" by British producer & DJ Duke Dumont released in March 2014. If sections of the song sounds familiar its because it is an interpolation of the Whitney Houston's 1998 hit My love is your love by session singer Kelli-Leigh  that sounds hauntingly similar to the original. the song went to #1 on the UK singles track and surely will be around for a while it has a cool summer feel to it that you cant escape..maaaaad music man!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Happy - the Rude Bwoy Version

Whaddup peeps, we have baaad chune for you this week. Forgot Because Im Happy by Pharell  Williams and that ditty by Bobby McFerrin "Dont Worry Be Happy" from 2009. We have the  Bad Man version, this chune has a basic call and response chorus that cant be beat hashtag  #Happy!!!

Produced by the Production team Fanatix who gave you "Touch Down"with Stylo G. Here comes the madly hypnotic hip hop/dancehall jam Happy Remix by Big Zeeks featuring Grime UK legend Double E.You cant escape the Jamaican influence in this one, from the lyrics to the beat. Nice touch featuring his son in this one.

Double E's style and pacing in the video is the killer. Strangely enough the original featured Stylo G but wasnt that big a hit but this remix Laaawd Have Mercy it Maaaaaaad.