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Friday, February 22, 2013

Riots in Germany over burning of Jamaican Flag

Yes....but don't start calling your Jamaicans friends or tuning into CNN just is true at least in this commercial. Jamaica's  high profile brand name status continues its influence on media and you tube, this time through a commercial for noted German appliance manufacturer, Saturn.

The You tube buzz worthy ad was released in January 2013 and shows  two coffee shop attendants trying to brew a cup of coffee which results in the burning of a Jamaican Flag  which is captured on film and leads to riots and demonstration out of respect for the Jamaican Flag. Hard to explain ....just watch the video to understand......

Saturn Electronics Commercial Banned For Burning Jamaican Flag from Adpressive on Vimeo.

A few noteworthy points:
  • The commercial has as the soundtrack Barrrington Levy's "Murderer" (not sure why as nobody is being murdered but I suspect this song is a well recognized Jamaican song in Germany)
  • The burning of the flag is considered a  desecration of the national flag of Jamaica and from this point of view the advertisement can definitely  be considered offensive. In fact under German criminal laws it is illegal to damage the German flag and it is also illegal to damage or revile flags of foreign countries.What we do not know if there is an exception for dramatic works such as a play or a commercial. Our German attorneys are looking into this as we speak. However nowhere can the burning of a national flag be interpreted as acceptable even in this case of comedic story telling.
  • If it obviously an ode to the worldwide (and German) recognition of  Jamaican culture that within seconds of the flag being burned, public sentiment can be mobilized with such support, love and admiration
  • The actors who are featured at the 0:38 and 0:42 time marks are obviously not Jamaican but just black actors pretending to be Jamaicans.
  • Is the flag in the shop due to the fact that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is recognized worldwide.
Definitely mad worthy of a watch , tell us do you find it offensive or a genuine respect for the Jamaican culture, Regardless of your view as long as they are talking about it, then it brings further attention to this small island and its culture ...................maaaaaahhhhd

Update : After posting this blog and the controversy that the ad has generated the German Ambassador to Jamaica and the German manufacturer Saturn (today, February 26, 2013) have apologized for the ad, explaining it was not meant to offend and has pulled the ad out of respect for the feeling of the Jamaican people. Irony at its best, art imitating life or is it life imitating art?

PS Just to add some context Saturn has a history of these kinds of commercial , this one to advertise their Flat Screen televisions, same concept but no reggae music..


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