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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jimmy Cliff proves again he is Reggae Royalty

Jimmy Cliff is a true reggae icon, fresh on the heels of his Volkswagen commercial comes a well deserved acknowledgment for the prestigious Grammy award for Reggae.

Cliff a man who has been singing since his was 14, over 50 years strong, is a true icon who strangely enough  is more recognized outside of Jamaica for his talents than in his homeland. Lets start the tribute at the memorable VW commercial, which y'all have already seen but did you know there was an accompanying video 'Cmon get happy"

Then  check out  this interview , well done Sir Cliff proud yet humble
Moving on, not many of us make it to Cleveland ,Ohio,  so lets bring Cleveland to you. What is in Cleveland well that's where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located and last year it had the distinct  privilege of inducting to the Hall, Jimmy Cliff truly a reggae icon and pioneer, yes Bob Marley has received most of the worldwide accolades but long before Bob there was Jimmy Cliff. What is interesting is that they both met in the early years by that time  Cliff was already an established artist and Bob was an upcoming singer. Here is Jimmy recollecting their first meeting ....

Strange that they never did a duet  together. 

Then in this interview he gives a real history of reggae music and he should now he was there from its birth back in 1968

Jimmy Cliff released 2 albums last year, the 5 song  EP Sacred Fire which  features covers of Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"  then his Grammy award winning  album "Rebirth"
produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid which includes cover versions of The Clash's "Guns of Brixton" (the lyric of which refers to Cliff's role in The Harder They Come) and  Joe Higgs' "World Upside Down".....his talent appears boundless.

Finally Jimmy Cliff blessing the piano at the Sirrus XM studios with an impromptu performance

Maaaad respect Cliff you have crossed the many rivers.

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