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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jamaica rocked by Harlem Shake

Maaaaaaaaaaaaad...the You Tube phenomenon called Harlem Shake continues its viral assualt on the world and making a major impact on Jamaica, with great hilarity and high jinks.

What is Harlem Shake you may say , well if you haven't caught on yet it is a bona fide phenomenon. lets do a quick recap.

The Harlem Shake not to be confused with the similar dance of the 1990s is a song which features a catchy bass line and associated dance involves one person dancing often in a helmet or mask while others look on doing nothing but when the verse kicks in total chaos ensues.

The song was released by Brooklyn Producer DJ Baauer in May 2012

Then in February 2013, YouTube personality Filthy Frank posted a video for Harlem Shake. It is considered the original

Later on the same day the YouTube channel The Sunny Coast Skate released a parody. It was  such a hit that it spawned a flurry of copycats at last check over 3,000.

It is so silly, its infectious or as we like to say maaahhhhhhdddddddddddd

Here are some of our favourites,  first the original

Then the  1st parody that came the same day
Then the funniest parodies we love  first from University of the West Indies Jamaica

and then this news cast whch has to be the funniest news team ever.........its mad contagious

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