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Friday, October 19, 2012

Flavor Flav arrested but Public Enemy still assaulting the game, Harder than You Think

Say it isn't so, Flavor Flav , the world greatest hype man and star of VH1's "Flavor of Love" Parts 1 and 2 being arrested..........nooooo. We heard the news and wondered to ourselves isn't he married since when did he get a fiancee, anyways lets not get bogged down with the antics of Flavor Flav domestic problems and rather look to the musical exploits of Public Enemy, arguably the most prolific, political controversial and conscious rap group ever.

Almost 20 years deep in the rap game they continue to put out good music, although no longer on the iconic Def Jam label Flavour Flav and Chuck D stil have the musical chemistry highlighted in their latest release "Harder than you Think" .In the United Kingdom, Channel 4 used the song for its  advertisements for its TV coverage of the 2012 Summer Paralympics

First there is the official video not a big budget video but still giving the visual  that makes PE so popular the sober consciousness of Chuck D balanced withe comedic hype but yet musical stylings of Flavor Flav.....maaahd  respect.

Just enough to recapture the back and forth flow that is quintessentially  Public Enemy. 

Next check out this version  with the lyrics so you can  appreciate the complexity, creativeness  and conscious knowledge  and poetry of the rap....maaaahd.


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