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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mans Not Hot - the True Story, Funny But True

By now most of you must have seen on social media the viral video of Big Shaq "Mans Not Hot", the mad hilarious song taking the world by storm.

It started back in September this year when Big Shaq also known as Rodman Shaq appeared on Charlie Sloth's (Hip Hop DJ) on BBC Radio 1Xtra show Fire In The Booth  the freestyle was Hot Braaap ....Check it out

Then you got this equally funny exchange with Charlie on Big Shaq signing the record deal with Island records.

Then Biq Shaq went to America and filmed this classic video, many people thought it was a joke, but 45 Million views on YouTube is NO joke, the mans HOT although he seems to be  consistently denying it ;-) LOL

But if you were caught up in the hype including the diss tracks against the other Shaq (of NBA fame) you would soon realize it is in fact a joke, a character created and well played by British actor, comedian and social media personality,Michael Dapaah.

Lets hear from Michael himself
This is truly Mad Moment in Music Skkkkkrrrrr Pop Pop.

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