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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

We Came here for Happy Music !!

Welcome to the world of Sigala the master of what I like to call  "Feel Good Vibes Music".

Who is Sigala, well he is born Bruce Fielder a 25 year old English DJ, record producer and remixer from Norwich, Norfolk making some great music.

This song "Came Here for Love" featuring Ella Eyre is going to be a  maaad summer song,  we really feel it when asked which is the best part of the song  Sigala  himself said  "The hands in the air moment is probably the 'came here for love' lyric. It's not the drop, but it's the building up to it moment. It's got the pianos and Ella's amazing vocals. It's the bit that puts a smile on my face anyway!"

The whole song and visuals puts a pep in our step. The video is shot in the Mexican town of Pachuca, whose colourful kaleidoscope is a fitting  visual to this happy colourful song.

Sigala is the Master of the happy chords. him hav it LOCK, whether it is the steel pan, brass or synths the composition that makes it mad infectious and happy we just want to DANCE and head to the beach

This is how the city looked before this section was painted. The area was transformed by an artists’ collective known as the German Crew who spent 14 months turning the hillside neighborhood of Las Palmitas into a giant, colorful mural in an effort to bring the working-class “barrio” together and change its gritty image.

Plus check out his other feel good music the 2015 debut hit "Easy Love" featuring a sample of Micheal Jackson's ABC, to show the man has the formula to make us dance

Sigala to de werl wi seh.....maaaad

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