Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hottest dance in Jamaica right now Aji Bounce

Based on the maaad feedback we have got on our last post we decided to keep it on the dancing tip. Memba we told ya the hottest dance in the street right now is the Aji Bounce.  Popularized in this track by Bling Dawg aka Bawse Dawg. the song  is destined to run di summer. The video is not even out yet but this behind the scenes videos looks like it would be more fun than the actual video itself.

With cameos by Keiva the Diva and dancehall omnipresence Lugu Lugu  this dance and the beat shaaaaat.

The dance is inspired by the new dancer  Aji Happanz to do the dance just go on your toes, and bounce left to right quickly to the beat and mellow out and add hand movements as inspired. The dance is easy to catch and everyone is doing it even Sean Paul has mastered this new dance (Google it- but it goes by different names try Haggie Bounce Sean Paul)

Dance hall massive catch di Aji Bounce.....maaaaad

the final video just as maaaad

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