Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Best Dancehall Dancer in Jamaica

If you didn't know you better ask somebody who run the street right now in Jamaica and when it comes to dancehall the streets says he has it locked. maaaad respect  goes out to Raddy Rich. Surely his body of work has to stand our in a dance form and culture that is constantly changing daily, new dances, new songs and of course nightly dances. You have to come maaaad good and this man has the talent and the technique.

Considered the best dancer in Jamaica meet Rohan Little aka Raddy Rich, seen in numerous videos   and a regular choreographer in overseas dancehall workshops he is  a dancer who is a sight to behold, he dances with emotion and energy whether its dancehall, tuttting, free styling, crumping, isolation u name it ...he is the boss

See him in videos for stars like Sean Kingston, Niki Minaj, Shaggy, Mr Vegas and the list goes on and on.

Get this guy on "So You think You Can Dance" especially as this season its Stage v Street. Dancehall trumps all street styles. Do you thing Boss him choreography shaaat  .......maaaaad

So look for him to make a major maaad impression in the upcoming Nick Canon's upcoming  dancehall flick "King of the Dancehall"

Here is Raddy Rich in Russia last year.

For more swag on Raddy Rich  check out this other video

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