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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Future Fire - Tarrus Riley is Powerful

We love Major Lazer and what there are doing especially as it showcases the talent of reggae and dancehall to a much wider audience.
This one is bound to be a hit and so we give it our "FUTURE FIRE" title as when we heard it WE LUV'D IT.  Remember this is where you heard it first memba we told ya. What make us happy is that its our own talented Mr "Singy Singy" Tarrus Riley getting the cross over potential with Ellie Goulding on this powerful ballad courtesy of Major Lazer.

A song that arranges the reggae crooner's smooth vocals with the ever dynamic vocals of British superstar Ellie Goulding. Yes thats Ellie Goulding of  "Burn and " I Need Your Love " fame

A lot of non reggae  listeners are going to open their eyes and ears to Tarrus after this song. 
The song is the second single off their new album “Peace Is the Mission“,  which already has the monster hit "Lean On".

Dis ya tune has remix written all over it (up the tempo a notch to 100 BPMs and watch out)

Check out the second verse and that chorus di girls going to love this one

Trust me Tarrus  your  verse Shaaaaat ............maaaaad

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