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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Are you a Classic Man?

Hey Mad Music fans heard this tune and was impressed with the musical vibe and realised that it has a even more interesting back story. you probably heard this song but have no idea who is Jidenna. Lets meet Jidenna.

Jidenna is an American  pop singer signed to Janelle Monáe's Wondaland Records label. His first single "Classic Man" was released in February this year, it has a layered R n B, Hip Hop arrangement that is maaaaadly infectious, the song also features Roman GianArthur, another artist signed to Wondaland Records. 

As you will see he has an interesting look, Jidenna was born to an Igbo Nigerian father and an American mother. His father Oliver Mobisson, an engineer and traditional chief, was both a revolutionary in the Nigerian Civil War and the inventor of the first African personal computer.His mother is an anthropologist and English teacher,  the family moved to Boston from Nigeria when Jidenna was 6 years old. Jidenna name in Igbo means to 'embrace the father'.

Another mad moment fact is that Jidenna is a founding member of Fear & Fancy, a social club that began in California in 2006. The society, reminiscent of the social aid and pleasure clubs of New Orleans, which is an international collective of entrepreneurs, activists, educators, scientists, and artists who host soirees, dinner parties, and demonstrations. The concept behind the social club is highlighted in the video.

So check out Jidenna in this video, looking very #fresh and #clean  including a cameo from Janelle Monáe. We love this song and the energy in the video

Maaad classic...the hook and bounce on this song is catchy as hell

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