Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dancehall spices it up with Latin flavour- Muy Caliente

I have noticed in recent times that maaad potential for a cross over hit with the top dancehall artists blending dancehall flavour into infectious latin pop songs. Jamaica and our Latin American neighbours already share a rich cultural history especially musical elements, so it it should be no surprise to mix the musical spices into the current dancehall latin sonic mash up. You are aware of Reggaeton and this is not the first time the fusion has been attempted, pioneers Sly and Robbie foray with Latreggae in the 90s is testament to its potential.

Now our foremost international artists Sean Paul and Shaggy have captured the vibe. DEM FIIIIIND IT, big ups to Sean Paul, love this song and the video its has all the elements that make for a great visuals, beautiful girls, great locations, football and a unique blend of salsa and dancehall dancing, we love it  maaaaad

Sean is the master of the melody, him and Popcaan have it locked, when the collabo coming. Anyways Enrique is your tune and the tune bad but Sean Paul stylings steals the song in my opinion
Then always on top of the game Shaggy just is gaining momentum  with is hit "I Need your Love" it was released from February 2014 but as it has now found its hit full potential the maaadly huge cross over tune had its video just released last week just in time for summer featuring Mohombi, Faydee and Costi,

If you had any doubts about the crossover potential of reggae culture of these songs just watch the movement and choreography in this Zumba video already hitting over quarter million views alone ...maaaaad..

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