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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watch out for this to Mash Up di Place - Major Lazer finds the Maddest lyrics

Dancehall foreign producer of the year, Major Lazer continues their influence and musical ingenuity and dear we say crossover dominance with dancehall and reggae with the release of their latest video,Watch out for this (Bumaye)

In a throw back video to the early days of dance hall in the 1990s it features Busy Signal and dancers reviving the colourful, loud and fashion forward images of that era.

Kudos to the references to Bruk up
House of Leo dances
Tatty dance move
World Dance 
Modelling Dance
Bogle Dance
Wacky Dip Dance
Barry G
Blond wigs (see Dancehall Queen Carlene)
Cross Colours

and how many other things can you identify from back in those days

Respect Major Lazer ... we like the horn riff in this one is Bumaye... whatever that means


Our only comment is we wanted more of the riddim (it finished tooo soon) .........definitely a Maaaaad Moment

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