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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Po Reggae, Rich Reggae (the fascinating story of Polish Reggae)

What is Po Reggae, it is not a slang for poor reggae but actually something something very musically rich, it is a variation of traditional reggae which is a crossover and very significant part of the Polish music culture more popularly called Polish reggae

We discovered this genre of music actually by accident and was pleasantly surprised when we did some research into this music styling. Reggae has a long history as a music genre in Poland and there is also a strong Rastafarian influence on the music. Understandably most of the songs are sung in the native polish tongue and varies from traditional pop music to hard core socio political  music

The more noteworthy  bands include: Izrael, R.A.P. (Reggae Against Politics), Daab, Habakuk, Love Sen-C Music, Indios Bravos, Natural Dread Killaz and Vavamuffin.

Bob Marley's music is recognized and credited as introducing reggae to Poland together with a vibrant Rastafarian movement  starting in the 1980s and  Polish-language reggae has retained its popularity over the years, even to the extent that an all-Polish-language radio station in New York state is more likely to play reggae music than polka music

Here is a great example of polish reggae the popular group Vavamuffin complete with a gravel voiced Buju Banotn DJ sound alike.
In any event, the Poles are a generally a pretty relaxed bunch, and reggae  suits their lifestyle and we appreciate their maaahhhd  relaxed vibe

Here is another current Polish star, Indios Bravos with one called Pom Pom, we ask our Polish fans to translate, lol check the break down, ...niiice

and then a more traditional reggae song Polish style

The music is also celebrated in Poland's various music festivals and Reggaeland is one of the best Polish roots-reggae festivals. It is held in July each year and this year big stars such as Shaggy and Ken Boothe  join the festival line-up.

The event has continued to feature oldest reggae genres along with cutting edge and dance hall acts direct from Jamaica

Here is a friend of the blog, Stephen Newland and the highly rated roots rocking Rootz Underground Band as they closed their jamming set at Reggaeland in December 2010....maaahd energy  

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