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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snoop Lion, the next King of Reggae?

Well yes that what Snoop Lion's music is heading.We like many other people are looking forward to the debut next week March 15 of the movie "Reincarnated" the documentary on the transformation of Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, reggae artist. We are sure the movie will do well based on Snoop's worldwide love and admiration.

However when we look at Snoop's latest video in support of the album we are still saying Snoop is still missing the reggae mark. The single called "Here comes the King" has a lot of scenes that raises doubt on the issue.

Snoop still singing and chanting in a pseudo Jamaican accent sounding like a bad Hollywood actor trying to catch the Jamaican accent. 
Snoop  dressed in traditional rasta  fashion looking a little awkward
Snoop despite his rastafarian conversion having scantily clad women in the video (Fyah- Capelton voice)

Hot 97's Miss Info called this video part comical and part bizarre and we agree. We hope Snoop is not just playing a character. Will he still be Snoop Dogg sometimes and Snoop Lion sometimes..hmmmm.
The video is shot at the picturesque Trident Hotel in Portland, Jamaica

We hope that the album features some local producers like Don Corleone, Shane Brown or Gussie Clarke who we are sure can give Snoop some good direction.

Diplo and Major Lazer, the producers will add their own twist to the reggae/dancehall flavour, we spoke on Diplo's influence earlier Click on the link below:
Diplo's love affair with Jamaica continues  

We suggest Snoop just drops the accent and buss out a free style on a bad dancehall beat. Snoop has maaad flow and if you have any doubts on the Snooooop Doggg just refresh your mind to this:


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