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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rhianna finds a way to Willy Bounce....Again and we love it

We  might have our differences with Rihanna on her fashion and personal life but we can't fault her on some of her music and also that she does dig into her Caribbean roots despite her mufti-platinum worldwide crossover success.

Brand new is her new video for "Where have you Been" complete with Willy Bounce moves incorporated

Great visuals with the Bajan beauty looking good and improving everyday on her dancing skills still not at the Beyonce level but she does know how to market her music.

Can't fault you on this one Rhi is maaaaahd on point.

If you have any doubts on the Dancehall influence check out this Behind the Scenes feature

Notice how the song follows the same club-beat formula as "We Found Love",

Bwoy Bogle I bet you never know the music would gone so far....maaaaad

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