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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Junior Gong finally I can understand what he was singing

This week saw the release of the visuals for the second single off Damion" Junior Gong" upcoming fourth studio album. The single is called "Set up Shop". Thank God he has finally released the video as I have been listening to this song for weeks and COULD NOT UNDERSTAND  what he was saying, imagine that and I am Jamaican

I thought it was a new slang for the chorus as it sounds like "Trench Town ...Seh Duck Shop" or "Seaview Seh Tuck Shop" the more I listened to it the more puzzled I was about the song's leading line/ chorus.

I think if you listen carefully its because the "t " in "Set up" is not pronounced with a hard emphasis so if sounds like he is saying 3 words instead of two. Finally a video so I can see the lyrics and realize he is singing "set up shop".

Give it a listen and see if you share my interpretation of the lyrics.

Another maahd interesting fact, when you have locks as long as Junior Gong sometimes simple things like playing football takes on a whole new meaning, check out this footage of what Junior Gong has to do: