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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diplo - Dancehall Producer Imported or Ambassador of Dancehall music?

Hey Music fans you may have seen an article recently that rap icon Snoop Dog is recording a reggae album and the album is being produced by American DJ Diplo. 

Who is Diplo and what is his connection with Dancehall Music?

Lets share some of his musical pedigree,Thomas Pentz better known by his stage name Diplo, is a Philadelphia-based American DJ, producer and songwriter. He also founded and manages record company Mad Decent, which we like as anything mad is close to our heart, the name even sounds Jamaican.

Diplo rise to noterity in dancehall  rose recently when he and  fellow producer Switch created a Jamaican dancehall project titled Major Lazer. Since then, Diplo has worked on production and mixtape projects with many other notable pop artists, such as BeyoncĂ© and Usher.
He is probably famous for making the  "Pon de Floor" featuring Vybz Kartel the rhythm which you will recognize as it was later sampled for Beyonce hit "Girls Run the World" but here is the original:

However Diplo's foray is a part of an increasing trend where dancehall producers are being imported to capture the Jamaican musical culture, some will complain and say what about Jamaican producers but others will say music is universal and is global to whoever appreciates and respect the genre. Well Diplo in recent years has made some waves in dancehall.

Lets hear from Diplo himself why he loves Dancehall so much, maaad,  my man 

Diplo has also branched out  and is now capturing his musical journey in a new book , check out a preview complete with lots of features on Jamaica peep Strawberry Hill, the mad genius Lee "Scratch" Perry  and daggerring carried to literary new heights. Maaaad.

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