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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soca Star Kees injured, media reports he took on too much

Not our normal post as it is not really a musical moment but we just couldn't resist this as it is maaaad funny.

Soca star Kees has canceled all his performances for the next two weeks due to an  injury suffered on stage  at the Best Buy Theatre in New York earlier this week and we were lucky to have found the footage of the incident.

Trust you  realize this is just a joke, Kees is fine but next time he should  only take on  matters he can handle  :-)

Special mention to Elephant Man the original performer whose stage antics involves asking for a volunteer from the audience and usually it is a lady on the larger size.

Lets  talk a little about Kees, will Kees is the lead vocalist of Kes the band  which is a Trinidadian soca band formed in 2005 by brothers, Kees (lead vocals), Hans (drums) and Jon Dieffenthaller (guitar) and close friend Riad Boochoon (bass guitar).

Their must popular song to date is probably "Wotless" which in 2011, they were awarded the title of "Groovy Soca Monarch" for the song.

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