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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Best World Cup Football song ever?

The World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world, broadcasted in over 70 countries, to a cumulative audience of 26 billion people, an average of approximately 400 million viewers per match. Over 700 million viewers alone watched  the World Cup finals between Spain and the Netherlands, viva Espana.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was memorable on many levels, first ever World Cup on the continent of Africa and secondly it featured what could be the best World Cup song ever.

We  loved every minute of it and nothing captures the spirit and the energy of football more than the music.

Here is the first contender, the official song authorized  by FIFA, "Waka Waka- This one is for Africa" by Shakira, a catchy pop song with African styling, the song was as a hit worldwide and  even in Jamaica the song got some good rotation. Speaking about rotation how does Shakira do those things with her hips waka waka.

There is something about this song that kids love, its like sugar coated super candy to them, they can't get enough of it, so Shakira sure got something right

Yet in Jamaica  and many other countries the song every one remembers from the World Cup is the Waving flag song by Somali Rapper/Singer Knaan, it still plays at most parties and gets crazy forwards as well as has endless remixes from dance to soca which still gets people moving. Strange thing is is that it wasn't even an official song. the song is actually a commissioned remix of the Knaan original song Waving flag which was modified to suit the World Cup campaign by Coca Cola. Boy did it work, all the elements come together from the tribal drums to the infectious sing a long chorus.

The video even features a cameo with our own Junior Gong (at the 1:40 ) mark, Gong being a close collaborator with Knann over the years so the African/Jamaican musical roots go deep.

And here is the Coca Cola version full of the commercial product shots,still catchy as hell
A good sign of any hit song is after hearing it once it sticks in your mind. I remember the  first  time I heard this song when they had a concert in South Africa before the World Cup and I saw how the people were responding to the song. I was like  that song sure is popular. It was sign from then that it was destined for mad crazy dizzying heights. At the risk of overkill here is it live.

Anyhow you take this song it is timeless, inspiring, great song writing and feel good music at its best.....maaaaaaaaaaaad.

Our vote for Best World Cup song is fully for Wavin Flag but an honourable mention must go to Shakira's dancing skills in Waka Waka.

Which World cup song is your favourite?

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