Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Will Smith brings da brand new funk...kinda

Will Smith is known in modern time for his "Big Willie" persona as embodied in blockbusters like Men in Black, Independence Day, Bad Boys and list goes on and on. But lets take step back in time when Fresh Prince was a rapper and a good one too.

We think the album "He is the DJ and I'm the Rapper" ranks as one of the best rap albums of the time. EVERY single track is good, listen to the album front to back and you will not be disappointed, the energy and creativity is maaaad off the chain.

One of the better tracks "Brand New Funk" is timeless it features a funky James Brown sample  and highlights the persona that made Will the mega superstar he became. The song respected by hip hop fans also showcases the legendary turntable talent that is DJ Jazzy Jeff. Interesting factoid, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money are credited in making the transformer scratch famous.

So timeless is the beat that DJ Jazzy Jeff paid homage to the classic with underground Philly rapper, Peedi Peedi in 2007....enjoy....maaad

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