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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Act like a woman,Think like a man, according to Jennifer Hudson

About to open in theaters is the Steve Harvey's best seller now turned movie, "Think like a Man". Accompanying the movie is the lead single "Act like a woman Think like a Man" featuring the every shrinking Jennifer Hudson (fresh off her scintillating Whitney Houston tribute at the Grammys) with able assistance from Ne-Yo and the hottest rapper of the moment, Ricky Rozay, de Bawse.

Lots of interesting things happening in the video. First lets show the preview, what we noticed is that all the good parts are in the preview and not in the video, notice the synchronized jamming of Ne-Yo and J Hudson and the choreography with the "think like  man" and the pounding of the chest.....we love it, but cherish it here as, trust us its nowhere in the video.
Unfortunately this deception happens all the time in movie previews and the like, they show you a scene to wet your appetite and there is no such scene in the final cut.

Well anyhow here is the final video it has mad vibes and has the potential to be a big hit for J Hudson. Couple of observations, Rick Ross must be the best marketer his ever his omnipresent tag "Mmmmaybach Music" is in every single song he does, it would be so annoying if it wasn't so cool. Talk about great brand building.

Then the whole video is a an advertisement for  the movie ok but really was it necessary to have a more than obvious product placement of the Vaio laptop (at the 4:49  mark) I mean it has absolutely nothing to do with the video yet there is a slow product placement shot of the laptop for no other reason but the placement.

But back to the music, great blend of voices and the movie looks like it would be funny.

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