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Big Up for the Week
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mavado doing damage to Rhianna's Gun

Again on our troll of the interwebs we came across this young artist that is definitely on the rise. He goes by the name of Cris Cab...... Cris who?

Well talent recognizes talent and he has been working with production legends such as Wyclef, 88 keys and Pharell Williams.

The Miami-based singer/instrumentalist Cris Cab! is a protege of Pharrell. His  new mixtape Echo Boom, presented by Billionaire Boys Club, features some notable collabos with Skateboard P, Shaggy, Melanie Fiona, Daytona, Mavado, and Wyclef.

His fans call him an eclectic mix of John Mayer and Bob Marley, which is a strong comparison.

One of the standout tracks on the mixtape is "Rhianna's gun" a dub heavy beat with strong Wyclef production styling. 

What we love about this track though is our own Mavado contribution, his harmony is on point and the short bars he has makes such an impact it really makes the song more  reggae than Cris Cab's pseudo Jamaican accent.

Definitely  worth a listen........Anwaaaay( Mavado voice)

the tune is maaaddd , Mavado  you find it again

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