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Big Up for the Week
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drifting with M.I.A

Just in case you missed her Super Bowl antics our favourite bad girl rapper is back, MIA.

MIA pardon the pun has been missing in action since her monster hit "Paper planes" but she returns with another hot song "Bad girls live fast die young bad girls do it well"....maaad

The visuals on this video are outstanding and the stunts impressive.

What we like about the video is that it features a practice little known in the western world called  Tafheet or Hajwalah  which is an Arab style drifting which has been around for many years and is very popular in Saudi Arabia.

Tafheet popularly known elsewhere in the world as Middle East drifting, is a dangerous motorsport phenomenon that involves trying to drift a car at very high speeds around 110-135mph.

Some of the more popular tafheet techniques include:
  • "Ta'geed": turning the car a full 360 degrees
  • "Tanteel": which is to wiggle the rear wheels left and right at high speed.

So as we were saying this kind of drifting isn't new but a common practice. Here is another video which shows the crazy madness, shooting AK-47s  drifting around regular traffic, trucks, gas tankers  and even a school bus, this is really the wild wild "east" ....maaaad.

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