Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Double Dose of Dancehall

We always talk about day in and day out how Dancehall music and culture is pervasive, influential and just plain Shell down di place. Well today we found two nice musical shots that fit right into the jigsaw of pop culture and name drops Jamaican stars and stylings.

Firstly we go to Cali and the up and coming caucasian rapper G Eazy. We think this dude has maaaad potential. You probably know him from his recent  hit song Me, Myself and I with Bebe Rexha.
Ahh yes but today we showcase his new song that not only takes a page from Dancehall (air horns and bass lines) but also Bigs up the Boss "Hugo" Usain Bolt in one of the verses. The lyric is at the 1:01 mark.

Bolt if they didn't know yet people better recognize when u name drop in rhyme  a big ting dat. The song is Down For Me ft. 24hrs. bouncing on a nice minimalist hip hop beat with a "Future like " auto tune chorus.

Then we found this other song "Crying in the Club" by Camilla Cabello which is on the tropical and pop infused dancehall swing tip (seen in Ed Sheerean's, Shape of You and Justin Bieber's Cold Water) this club song....its nice we nah lie. Camila Cabello, is a Cuban-born American singer once a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Just in this month Cabello released "Crying in the Club" as the lead single from her forthcoming debut solo album.

Fast forward to the 1:40 when the drum beat drop forgot the long slow intro

Dancehall a lead...Maaaaad

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