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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Afro Beats meets Dancehall

Yes Jamaica's dancehall darling Ceccile finds herself again on the dance tip with this Afro beat shot "Like It". The video shot on location at Hellshire Jamaica and an "undisclosed" ganja farm has a fun dancing vibe and lots of nice drone shots to keep it interesting.

A buffed out Richie Loop is on the single but he sure has changed his looked nearly never recognize the man

DJ Stutter is a German DJ out of Dubai a more diverse cultural mix you couldn't find.

Most interesting shot the dance scene in front of the plastic bottle garbage, art or reality?

Cecile's daughter even makes a cameo in the video, she is the one running holding the flag. 

Afro beats is  a music genre developed out of Nigeria and West African musical styles, such as highlife and yoruba, with American funk and jazz, it tends to focus on chanted vocals and percussion. It also obviously has traces of reggae and dancehall,  just watch the dancing and the movement

The most familiar crossover Afro beats  song you may know is  Ayo Jay's Your Number which is maaaaaad popular  even if you can't  follow what he is saying. Don't worry part of it is in West African pidgin English.

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