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Monday, February 27, 2017

Should have been Popcaan in this Video

You are probably bouncing to this happy pop tune "Should have been Me" by British Producer Naughty Boy featuring Kyla and Jamaica's own Popcaan.

This horn infused tune has Popcaan taking a leaf from Sean Paul's book and jumping on the collab train  and finding success particular in the British and European Market. Popcaan di Unruly Boss with jus a a few bars adds a winning flavour to a big chune.

The video for this one is very cinematic and well shot in Kampala, Uganada  but we a pree it  and can't understand how this was  green lighted. the video has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the song.

The song is all about love and relationships only relationship  we see is this is a new found passion for skateboarding.

Pretty video,  nice imagery but nothing to do with  the reality . Check Poppy's lyrics " Mi guess that a so di ting go , a brand new girl me a swing to ......" Wi nuh see how dat factor in the video

The song SHOT still but they could a fly down to Jamaica we could a give dem some nice Jamaican girls to feature up in di video

Next time link wi fas,  wi have ideas a flow like Dunns River.............Maaaad

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