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Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The BADDEST dancehall track of the1990s

Maaaad , this tune is timeless. a great song with endless vibes, un-debatably the BIGGEST dancehall tune of the 1995.... Anything for you All Star remix

Everyone loves the chorus for this song featuring a sample of Everybody plays the fool, Anything for You featured a then unknown white Canadian DJ Snow. who was best known for his 1992 single "Informer", which reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

First the original

but the ALL Star Remix Laaawd have Mercy.....Maaaad mi fi tell you. I remember being in Cactus nightclub in its hey days 90s Friday after work jam and when this song played the energy level went up up up.....,it nuh normal.

Some mad interesting facts the song produced at Penthouse studios by the super talented Tony Kelly was recorded at the same time as the video shoot so what you are seeing are the actual takes used in the song. Everybody loves the Beenie and Buju verses but no one really gets to hear or knows Kulture Knox verse (a casualty of being too far down the track)

The song never hit Billboard but was a yard favourite reaching #1on the Jamaican charts  and became the top-selling single of 1995.

Where are they now
Buju's sentence was recently commuted by 2 months and Nadine Sutherland riding high after  a commanding performance on Shaggy & Friends showing she is still a force in reggae music today,  she just released  her latest single Inna Mi Blood a soulful conscious tribute produced by the Mad Professor at Ariwa records.

Beenie Man remains the King of the Dancehall still putting out perennial hits, Terror Fabolous off the scene for a minute but still has that distinct vocals and the Ole Ganga Lee Louie Culture has been missing from the recording world since the 90s.

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