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Big Up for the Week
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rhianna's Work Work Work - STR8 FIRE

Its finally here the visuals for Rhi Rhi "Work Work Work"or as she says it "Werk Werk Werk".If there was any doubt as to what genre this song was all questions are answered. In an ode to all things Jamaican this sultry dancehall inspired video does the job.... Waaaaaaay up .

Maaaad interesting she has made 2 versions of the video (running back to back). The first is very "JAMAICAN" , then for those of her fans who has never been exposed to such an experience there is a somewhat milder and more universal version still edgy as we expect from the badgyal Rhinana.

Couple of things to note

Sure Rhianna is going to get flak from her Bajan people but to her credit she represents Barbados in the video see if you spot it

She and Drake have great chemistry on screen very natural, like their actually having fun

In the second video is it me or her boobs

The video is directed by noted Canadian director  Little X  who is known to have brought maaaad creative  energy to dancehall many times before notably through breakthrough Sean Paul "Gimmi the Light".

Enjoy ( Explicit version)

Just in case you forgot this is not their first dancehall / rap fusion crossover.


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