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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, October 19, 2015

This singer has the reggae vibes baaaad

Whats up Mad Music peeps every time I hear this song I keep saying that song is a reggae pop song and no surprise its one of my favourite singers Ellie Goulding who has a maaad knack of finding  melodies that have a reggae influence, her latest single "On My Mind" is no exception , the drum pattern, its bass line and the twitchy guitar riff  especially in the first verse is maaaad infectious.

No bwoy cant tell mi she nar her producer dem neva pree a reggae song and come up with dat riddim. But seriously we have to say maaad respect as she continues to grace her lyrics and productions with a heavy reggae lint.

The single is from her upcoming third studio album Delirium and is the album's lead single just released on 17 September 2015.

 Check it out

If you don't believe me about the reggae influence check out her other hit song "Burn" Maaaad Music, dat tune is str8 fire 

Lets not forget her current hit "Powerful" with our own Tarrus Riley, remember we predicted it was going to be a hit from waaaaay back in June.

One comment we think the video didn't do Tarrus Riley enough justice the man is a bonafide star but in the video wardrobe didnt make him have enough shine, most people (outside of reggae) wont remember his visuals, Dress the man up in a nice outfit let him shine, give the man his due...nuff said

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