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Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Can you Hula Hoop?

Alright you all are now singing the Cheerleader song by newly minted Jamaican pop star OMI.  He has been around for a few years but has made his break through the remix of his hit tune "Cheerleader.

So get ready for the next chapter in his success, his latest single has pop appeal and will do well check out the video for " Hula..Hula Hoop". What we like about the video is that he is still representing Jamaica.  although you will notice this video has a more "Caribbean flavour" with  carnival and girls of different nationalities.

Love the choreography simple dance move repeated throughout on the chorus, easy for the girls to catch and I guarantee if you go to the club they will be doing that move.

Production secret,y'all notice its the same house, scene one is facing the bay, scene 2 outside of the house, scene 3 inside the house.... cant knock the hustle tho do your thing OMI you video shaaaaat

Strangely enough not one Hula Hoop in the video ............thats maaaaad

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