Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Best Dancehall Crossover Song In Modern Times

Hey Mad Music Fans were back, like a case of bad flu we are hard to get rid of,  ready to bring you more madness and much more music. Lets make some Noise.

We start with a modern classic. It struck me when recently my brother who lives in the USA said he had never heard of this song. Whereas it was surprising at first I realized that not all of Jamaican music percolates to the rest of the world at the same time. That's why there are still people somewhere on our dear planet still doing the Bogle and Butterfly, you know yourselves;-)  and think that is the current dance in Jamaica. Also why some songs while old in Jamaica are only now becoming hits in other parts of the world to new audiences.

Which brings us to today's classic,  you should be familiar with this one "Watch Out for this -Bumaye" a classic fusion of dancehall and EDM produced by the ever creative collective called Major Laser and featuring the the crowning talents of Busy Signal. A breakout tune for Busy at the time who made a major re- emergence catapulted by the popularity of this tune.

With an ode to some classic old school fashion from the 90s check the Cross Colours and  featuring  dances  moves such as the Tatty and World Dance its a maaaad throwback to a totally modern sound.

From the streets of kingston to festivals worldwide this song electrifies dance floors every time it plays and has inspired numerous choreographed pieces, the reach and  universal appeal is evident in this maaaad piece one of the best ones from the Russian Fraules Dance group.

All  the moves here please take note are the more modern dance hall moves, so ladies you can pick up a move or two here

Another interesting fact is a lot of people who love and sing this song have no idea what the chorus means "Bumaye" it is not Jamaican patois it actually is taken from the great Mohamed Ali, made famous from the Rumble in the Jungle fight with Joe Frasier in Zaire in 1974, captured in the Will Smith bio flick Ali .

The people are actually shouting " Boma Ye Ali " which means Kill Him Ali, fast forward 40 years and put it to in a chorus with a banging beat and its recaptured in this classic dance hall hit ..maaaaad

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