Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Paradise, coconut trees and rum on ice....sooo nice

Lets go cool and mellow with this island vibe tune to set the tone for the weekend. I found this song the other day which has a cool guitar riff and retro pop vibe and was even more impressed by the video. It captures the island life and culture and gives great visuals for the song's lyrics. At first glance I thought at first it was Jamaica but if you watch it carefully you will see it is actually the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda, reppin in the video. Big up St. John

The song "Hard Work" features Antiguan raised Justin Nation aka "J.Nation" also known as "Jus Bus" & Miami based singer "CYN", it's a great song with a pop reggae bounce that we love and the visuals are maaaad  cool. Makes you want to leave the office and head to the beach with a tall frozen drink.

J Nation is no stranger to  reggae music as in his other role he has producer hit songs with DJ Bambino, Snoop Lion, Collie Budz, Vybz and Jah Cure, he’s had his hands in some big projects. But now he is stepping out into the spotlight vocally as an artist with his own voice and a story he feels needs to be told.  

As J Nation sings "I bet you think its paradise, coconut trees, and rum on ice, but everything round here not so nice, its an up-and-down kinda life. tell us about it brother. Look out for his album coming out soon we think he has maaaad potential

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