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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Top 10 Jamaican Greetings

Jamaica celebrates 53 years of independence this year and there is much to give thanks for despite our troubles. We are a proud people and  mainly because of our rich history and culture, by far one of most culturally fascinating features is our language,  patois or as we just call it "Jamaican"  which will  forever be a showcase and colourful palate for expression.

Nothing is more maaaad  creative than this form of communication constantly changing with  new words and sayings. These mad moments are highlighted in the many ways that you can be greeted on the path ways and roadways in Jamaica.
Here are the top 10 Jamaican Greetings: that you are likely to hear uptown, downtown, round town, country or town, young or old, christian or thug, get the point

1. Big up yuself
2. Wha a Gwaan (made even more popular by President Barack Obama's recent visit to Jamaica)
3. Howdy do mi dear
4. Nuh seh nutten
5. Bless
6. Mawnin
7. Respect ( also some times varied Manners and Respect)
8 Wha ya a seh
9. Hail up
10 Wha appn

Honourable mentions

11. Howdy
12. Irie
13. Wha a gwaan dawg


Do you have any greetings  that you think we have left off this list?.

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