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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Best Definition of Freestyle Rap - Only for Hip Hop Heads

There is an art form in hip hop know as free styling , aka off the top of the dome, old school calypsoians know it as extempo (extemporaneous), new school kats in hip hop know it as the Free style it is basically impromptu lyricism over a beat, it requires a high degree of skill and an even higher level of intelligence to create rhymes and stories on the spot. It is even more impressive is when its done in an entertaining and engaging way. The difficulty level is increased when random words are thrown in to the mix...maaaad crazy.
This video of Sway in the Morning " 5 Fingers of Death" epitomizes the true definition of freestyle, this cat is in da zone, you cant help but bounce along to this one maaaaad. 

A madder moment in music we dare you to find

NSFW- Strong language

The rapper is King Los or Los, born Carlos Coleman he has released various mixtapes during his career  and was signed to Diddy's Bad Boy records. ( a point he refers to in the freestyle).
XXL the hip hop industry  authority gave him a positive review by stating "As usual, Los’ strongest asset is an ability to deliver vivid imagery through lyrics and a captivating flow...Lyrically, Los is as sharp as ever" a review we maaaadly endorse.

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