Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Every (single) man's dream vacation!

Its Friday so that means time to Free up the FUN and do we have a video for you. Some videos  needs a preamble but not today this videos speaks for volumes for itself......we maaad love it, great visuals for a great song..... (make you select full screen viewing)

Thailand looks amazing and the whole video appears to be shot with a Go-Pro, ladies hope you are taking notes (but men are so simple you probably figured this out already) this is what we call a VACAY....niiice

The song is called "I Got U" by British producer & DJ Duke Dumont released in March 2014. If sections of the song sounds familiar its because it is an interpolation of the Whitney Houston's 1998 hit My love is your love by session singer Kelli-Leigh  that sounds hauntingly similar to the original. the song went to #1 on the UK singles track and surely will be around for a while it has a cool  summer feel to it that you cant escape..maaaaad music man!!!

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