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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lessons for Tessanne from big sis Tami Chin

We are all basking in the after glow of the resounding success of Jamaica's first reality show winner in the sweet "Tessanne Chin" She was flawless in her performances and her vocal prowess was emotional and exciting or as to put it simply she maaaaaad talented.

The new season of the Voice is now on so time is ticking. Tess has signed with Universal Music Group and we eagerly await her debut album probably the on the finals of this season of the Voice.

But we trust that Tessanne listens to big sis Tami so she can learn from her experience. Yep Tami Chynn was also signed to Universal Music Group (UMG), 6 years ago

Tami buoyed by the success of Hyperventilate was signed to Akon Music/UMG but the company dropped the ball.
Tami's said they didn't know how to market a Chinese Jamaican signing pop music, in fact she even cited that people didn't like her frolicking with a black man (aka superstar Akon) in her debut video.

Tami to her credit shared that having grown up in Jamaica she said she was used to dealing with people of all races all her life. Point made Tami, talk di truth

Musically we wonder what went wrong Tami had a hit song with Frozen, produced by Red One and Akon in our maaaad opinion it was the exactly same song as by a then young Lady Gaga, 10 years later Tami career has paused and Lady Gaga has sky rocketed and both has the same arranged song.

Musical Babylon holding back Tami but don't worry we have your back Tami ...maaaaaad support every time, jus wheel n come again
First here is Tami's debut Frozen

then listen to this Lady Gaga's debut both released in August 2008, especially the intro
We know lil sis Tessanne will take heed and maaaad overcome those obstacles we have crazy maaad respect for her as a person and as a musical talent. so watch out world ....maaaaaaad moments from Tessanne coming soon, we told it here first...kaaaaBoom!

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