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Sunday, March 16, 2014

12 Years a Slave, Reverse Racism in Reality

Yes reverse racism, strange title but bear with us a moment. We made an interesting observation when we did some research on this film. the film a gripping dramatic film about the atrocities of slavery set against a backdrop of a remarkable and inspiring story of one man journey through a life of freedom to a life of slavery. many of the scenes are difficult to watch as the harsh reality of racism is so powerfully portrayed. Here is where it gets interesting, although all the persons involved are  just actors interpreting a role based on the novel, it appears the main characters are in fact nothing like their roles in fact they are the total opposite of racially intensive or reverse racism as we have called it.

Lets start with the British director Steve McQueen, (a very non traditional black name) who piqued our interest when we saw him at the Golden Globes when he claimed the Best Picture award and Mr. McQueen thanked his wife for introducing him to the book which lead to the film being made. Camera pans to the his wife surprise, she is white,interesting obviously no racism here.

Then we move to Chiwetel Ejiofor British born actor of Nigerian descent who plays the central character Solomon Northup and one of one of his most notable roles to date. Here he with his longtime girlfriend model, actress and musician, Sari Mercer,  no racism here.

Then winner of the recent Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and fashion go to girl  Lupita Nyong'o who is rumoured to be dating actor, 'Thirty Seconds To Mars' Rock band founder and Lead Jared Leto. We assume you see the trend here.

Lupita was born in Mexico city to Nigerian parents she currently resides in Brooklyn. She is fluent in her native Luo, English, Swahili and Spanish

Then who can forget Michael Fassbender portrayal of the evil slave owner Edwin Epps, great acting.
Michael Fassbender was dating his "Shame"costar Nicole Beharie. Just prior to that he was with Zoe Kravitiz again, no racism here.

And we don't have to tell you about Brad Pitt and his multi-racial family.

So the message of this story is that for such a powerful movie it is heartening to know that obviously all these actors are simply playing a role but beyond that their personal lives have even embraced an openness to other races in their relationships.The movie tells an important historical lesson but also it hopefully inspires a new appreciation for the struggles of African-Americans,  a point obviously not missed by the principals of the movie,  Racism is not dead unfortunately but for these people it sure has evolved way past those stereo types..Maaaaaaad

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