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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Singapore DJ you probably haven't heard yet but has mastered the Jamaican swag

Never see a chiney gal so big and loud .....

Yea its a crazy musical world, a hodgepodge potpourri  of cultures, nationalities and musical genres that leads to enigmatic melting pot of music.

With reggae as the foundation all kinds of variations and versions make up the musical landscape and this is no different. We found this talented artist Masia One that probably most of you have never heard of but hopefully will in the future. Masia one is a Singaporean DJ/ rapper who has found the influence of dancehall and reggae music as her inspiration for her music and we think it is mad crazy.

So who is Masia One, well she actually a Singapore / Canadian from Toronto, real name Maysian Lim, she was born in Singapore and moved to Canada at a very young age and obviously was influenced and grew up with a passion for hip hop and dancehall music  She attended the University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in Architecture but obviously prefers to design lyrics rather than structures.
In 2003, she began her own record label known as M1 Group (later renamed The MERDEKA Group) Merdeka is a word in the Indonesian and Malay language meaning independence or freedom. Masia explained to us that after working in various parts of the music industry she wanted to remain independent, although sometimes a longer road, it leads to greater freedom and fulfillment in life.

We love her style and swagga,  Never see a chiney gal  so big and loud ....maaaaahd


Then if you had any doubts about her Jamaican influence check out this video where she channels her more feminine and softer side while showcasing  distinctive Westmoreland and Hanover hot spots (for our foreign subscribers these are parishes in Jamaica (where Negril is located, know for it's certain features like crystal clear waters, chattel houses and  sugar cane fields.


Then there is the original great a concept had us fooled when we first saw it, with the reveal at the end but  it may not be as impact full to you having seen the remix earlier, still good stuff , returning to her Asian roots,  this video was shot in  the largest ghetto in Philippines called Tondo, Masia herself interestingly remarked in her blog  how stunned she was how similar Tondo was to Kingston Jamaica


If you like Masia one's music as we do, check out her blog  Oh BTW in 2013, Masia will release her live band album recorded at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio with Dubtonic Kru ( the Jamaican band that won the Global Battle of the bands. A dream project for her an obvious longstanding fan of reggae, truly a maaaahd moment in music.

Maaaaaaaahd respect

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