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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Best Dancehall Cross-Over Song Ever, it just could be!

The perennial hit "I Like to Move It" must be the best dancehall inspired cross over dance song ever,  a more better song to drive people to dance there couldn't be, but where did this song come from and what about such perplexing questions such as who is Mad Stuntman and is he still physically, physically, physically fit?

That's where we at Mad Moments in Music have the answers to these questions that burn your brain late at night.

The song "I Like to Move It" is the biggest hit for the American dance/house duo called Reel 2 Real  from the 1990s. 

The duo's core member is DJ Erick Morillo from New York City. The dancehall reggae-influenced house track, featured a Caribbean DJ/ toaster, Trinidad and Tobago native DJ Mark Quashie, also known as the Mad Stuntman.

Apart from its infectious and catchy chorus it is memorable for its drum and bass driven beat. Apart from making its mark on the US Hot 10 Billboard chart it also became a hit the UK, France and Netherlands.

However the song really blew up and gained notereity after its use it that cute family friendly animated movie Madagascar in 2005 and was covered by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen but produced by Dj Morillo, making it a hit once again in 2005 with it becoming the film series' theme song.

The Mad Stuntman was featured on four of Reel 2 Real's top 10 dance hits it is however I Like to Move it along with "Party Rockers" will live infamously on party playlists as a classic  track.......maaaaaaaad

And here is the cute Dreamworks remix which you all know and love

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