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Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ladies its all in the hips, Lets bounce

Hey Mad Music fans we were on a break but like a bouncing ball we are back, today we feature a hip shaking banger, from up and coming starlet Iggy Azalea. Yes some of you say Iggy who? So for those of you who don't know lets do a quick recap;

Iggy is the real deal, she is a  Australian hip hop recording artist signed to Island Def Jam  who started rapping from she was 14 years old . In 2012, Azalea became the first female and first non-American rapper to be featured on XXL's annual Top 10 Freshman cover issue. She only moved the United States from Australia in 2010 and has made an impact in a traditional male dominated African American genre.

We think she is the cream of a new breed of hip pop artists similar to Kesha and Kreshawn who transcends rap and pop, creating a very marketable concoction. This one is pure fire, apart by being shot in Mumbai, India, the beat is catchy, the dancing is hot and the hips are bouncing, we love the beat and the concept of this  video. She shows off her belly dancing skills and throws in a few hip shakes channeling her inner Bollywood. We double dare you to hear this one and not start the mad head noddin.


Not quite as good as the original hip shaker Shakira who shows how it is done is this classic" Hips Don't Lie" enjoy the maaaaaadness

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