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Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

It was bound to happen Eddie Murphy catches the reggae bug, drafts Snoop Lion for the real reggae hit

Yes people it was just a matter of time, Snoop Lion has proved that reggae is hypnotic, engaging and infectious and it appears Eddie Murphy has caught the reggae vibe and enlisted his friend Snoop to add a "real Jamaican" feel to the song. Mind you this is not Eddie Murphy's first foray into singing who can forget "Party all the Time". However we give respect where respect is due as we rate Eddie as the "Don Daddy", "the Dupes", "the King" of Stand Up Comedy, but sorry boss, the reggae vibe is not so easy. Not dissing the King but "come on son", only credit we can give Eddie is a half pass because he been a returning visitor to Jamaica for the past 20 years so he has been around the culture. 
Check it out:

The song is allright if you are looking for an easy skank but  just a few pointers (Eddie) if you are looking for authentic reggae.

1. Sing Woh Yooo (al a Bob does not always work)
2. Wearing a tam is not mandatory
3. A Lion of Judah flag in the background does not necessarily equate to real rastafarianism
4. Having Snoop Lion as the DJ on the track sure as hell does not spell real reggae

But after all is said and done we like the message and we see the love for the music, just PLEASE  Eddie and Snoop respect the roots and foundation of our music

Nuff said.

Oh BTW before we go here we go again we see Snoop shooting  another video for the next single off his album "Reincarnated" this song " Torn Apart " features hot british singer song writer Rita Orta. 
We love Rita she is talented singer but  Snoop a reggae video shot in Thailand not Jamaica ....hmmmm lets see how this one come out, here is the trailer  

A Mad Moment, you tell us what you think?

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