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Thursday, January 10, 2013

P. Diddy revives love affair in Jamaica after 20 years

Yes and were back with a bang

Kingston is still reeling from the surprise visit of P. Diddy. Flying in from the exclusive Round Hill in Montego Bay by private jet with RnB songstress Cassie, Heavy Weight Champion Lennox Lewis (who lives here)  and American Hollywood comedian Anthony Anderson in tow, the Bad Boy/ Sean John boss made quite an impression in Half Way Tree at the Bad Boy Sound clash organized in 24 hours (probably based on a whim of an idea based on his trip to Montego Bay). 

But we have been following Puffy Daddy, Puff, P Diddy, Diddy's (whatever u call him) career for a while now and what a ride it has been  his drive knows no bounds, what is particularly noteworthy is his connection with reggae.

So how does this love affair with Jamaica and 20 years come in, hold on we are getting there, but first check out the video of his performance:

So P Diddy despite his hip hop roots has more than a dalliance with Reggae and Dancehall. in fact Diddy was there at the advent of the crossover of Hip Hop and Dancehall just prior to Shabba dominance in the early 90s  when Super Cat, Mad Cobra, Richie Stephens were all signed to Columbia, East West and other major US labels.

Bad Boy back then an emerging hip hop label was quick to jump on the hip hop remix of Super Cats hit song "Dolly My Baby"featuring a then unknown upcoming rapper Biggie Smalls, back in 1993 , yes that's 20 years ago, this mad music video is notable for a few reasons

  • It features at the beginning a choice Jamaican bad word (obviously then unknown to BET censors 20 years ago)
  • It shows that Diddy started his affair with reggae from back then and had the insight to jump on the dancehall music wagon 
  • It features Biggie Smalls (later to become  Notorious BIG) famous lyric that later became the sampled punch line of his mega hit "Big Poppa"
  • it has Mary J Blige (yes a young Mary J) singing on the hook 
  • it features a Glock reference both visually and on the audio track, back then not a problem on BET 
  • it shows a "very" young and still energetic P Diddy then Puff Daddy 
  • it also features a Cassie look like as the  female lead in the video (coincidence?) 

Diddy tweeted how it was his first time in Kingston

Diddy WHAT took you so long man to reach Kingston, still maaaaad respect for looking out .....Bad Boy for Life ......I don't write rhymes I write cheques ......maaaaaaaaaad

As a Mad Brawata (a Jamaican term for a little something extra) here is Super Cat's other notable crossover hit, in 1997 with Sugar Ray,  adding some dancehall flavour to a southern calli classic pop song  "Fly " maaaad IIIIIIIII jus wanna fly........................

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