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Big Up for the Week
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bored with your job, you "Could be the One" in Barbados

Dutch Dance DJ Nicky Romero and the Super Swede DJ maestro Avicii, have  teamed up along with Swedish singer Noonie Baomaestro to create a dance masterpiece in "I Could be the One" a danceable number which stands head and shoulders above current dance tracks just by itself but  is even more likeable with the release of the accompanying video, we love the get loose from the norm, escapist concept and also the fact it features our fellow Caribbean island of Barbados. We have a lot of family, friends and fans in Barbados and we like the shine the video gives to Barbados, its famous beaches and landscape.

Apart from the end of the video, some telltale sings of Barbados, the constant Banks Beer shots, the picturesque east cost, weed smoking :-), dancehall wining (which strangely enough is at the same tempo as this dance music ) and we are sure thats Accra Beach she is walking on.

All our Bajan fans can you please tell me where those other shots are taken?

Maaad song and maad video it cant go wrong

Be warned the video is rated R just a little raunchy and naughty ;-)

This track is already poised for great things as this  new track just hit the #1 position on the Top 100 BeatPort chart, which is the ITunes equivalent for EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Plus if you don't think this song has danceable vibe peep this performance video from Miami and some other dance festivals ...can you feel it!!


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  2. Accra Beach looks great! The room and restaurant scenes were shot at Silver Point Hotel or one of the others in Silver Sands Christ Church, it looks like. The weed scenes look like the Cheapside leather market, Bridgetown,and maybe Reggae Lounge (St. Lawrence Gap) for the stripping/dance hall? Anyone been there recently to confirm?
    Fun video, even if darkly humorous at the end! lol

    1. Thanks Lesley G, I will have to check out these spots it looks like a fun place:-)....Barbados seems to be the place to be