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Monday, January 28, 2013

Volkswagen drafts Jamaica to make SuperBowl HIT

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamaica the Super Bowl is still a week away but the marketing gurus are searching for the next Big thing to make an impact on sports loving and car driving consumers and it looks like that they found the answer in Jamaica.

The Jamaican accent easily determined as one of the most recognizable and hardest to duplicate accents in the world seems to have captured Volkswagen the renown German car manufacturer's attention and they have wisely deemed Jamaica and its accent to be the epitome of cool, laid back and fun as evidenced in their 60 second Super bowl commercial , let the maaaaad laughs begin:

This commercial is bound to make an impact come Superbowl Sunday and afterwards. Although to some the idea of white person talking Jamaican is novel, its not as unusual as you think for us Jamaicans, there are many white Jamaicans who speak "Jamaican"or "patois". But I suppose if your from Minnesota it does raise the eyebrow a bit. Here is a viral video showing that its not that uncommon, I am willing to bet this may have been the inspiration for the Volkswagen commercial.

If  you  want to see CNN's take on the whole ad and how it would inspire them to make a trip to Jamaica ( wink wink, Jamaica Tourist Board ) check out this clip:

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