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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Greatest Reggae Singer Ever out of Denmark....Natasja

Today we remember the fifth anniversary of the Greatest reggae star ever to come out of Denmark and a personal friend  Natajsa Saad (October 31, 1974 - June 24, 2007)

Natasja also known as Dou T and Little T was a Danish rapper and reggae singer whose who was loved in Jamaica and in her homeland of Denmark. She probably most famous for her vocals on a popular reggae fusion remix of "Calabria" which gained her worldwide fame and a number one spot on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart six months after her death in a car accident.

I have had the had the privilege of working with and managing part of the musical career of  Natasja in the years leading up to her death. Natasja unfortunately died in a motor vehicle accident on the Hellshire main road in St.Catherine,Jamaica on the way from a reggae show in Portmore. In the car was her best  friend Karen Mukupa and 2 others all of whom survived the tragic accident. 

Natasja desire  to become a star in Jamaica  was a driving part of her  passion and coincidentally after her  death the song catapulted her in Jamaica and worldwide to prominence She was already well loved and respected in the reggae community in Denmark and the Scandinavian countries but she told me to be recognized in Jamaica would be the true sign of reggae acceptance.

This is the massive dance song song that most people will know her for (although a dance track you cant miss the reggae influence....maaad)

Natasja was so loved that since her death her friends and family have made a documentary on her life produced by Rosforth and Karen Mukupa, there is a street in Copenhagen named after her as well as a biographical novel on her life.

Posthumously she released her final reggae album called "Shooting Star" featuring a  track I produced called  "One Night" with Lexus. The lead single "Better Dan Dem" was a collaboration with Bennie Man, here is the tribute video.

Check out my big cameo in the video a the 4 19 mark, it was a lot of fun shooting the video but very tiring

Natasja was  destined for great things and apart from being a warm and loving person was known her driving passion for reggae music. the only non Jamaican to win the Red Stripe/ Irie Fm Big Break competition in 2006 .

 She was truly special...........maaaahd respect. 
Natasja loved the music and the music loved her RIP Little T
For more videos on Natasja visit our sister page Big Tings Music on You tube

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