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Big Up for the Week
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let the Good Times FLOW with Flo Rida

We recently came across this mad moment in music and thought we would share it with you guys. It features Flo Rida, somehow he continues to find the formula for musical success, good beats, fast raps, catchy choruses and using simple sample to makes highly infectious dance songs

Coming off his soon to be released album,"Let it Flo" is note worthy on two fronts, apart from the  songs potential hit, the video itself featuring Keith Apicary (a character created by comedian Nathan Bennett) is very funny.

If observed carefully you will notice that this guy can actually dance despite the goofiness. If you want more of Keith Apicary check out his show "Talking Classics" on on the website, "" where he does a mockumentary show on old school video games.

This video is maaaad.
To see the mad magic behind the music, check out the original sample taken from the 1974 hit by Freddie King "Let the Good Times Roll"

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